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What happens if we drink too much water?

Did you know that consuming too much water can have fatal consequences? At the same time, dehydration is the anti-hypersensitivity of athletic sports. They have to pay more attention to maintaining the balance.

How much water should we drink?

What happens if we drink too much?

After taking in too much water, the body's ion concentration changes, which vнzmйrgezйsnek called, we found out Dr. Aaron Baggishtхl, who is the health director of the Boston Marathon. "When sodium (s) concentration is low in the blood, the blood can get out of the tissuesand this condition is called hyponatremia, "added Baggish. in the worst case scenario, the brain will continue to swell, the dreaded heart, Brainstorming "The brain is a leaf tissue located in the closed skull. There is only one cat when the brain begins to swell, and this is the hole in the lower part of the skull that connects the brain and the spinal cord," Bagg added. "Hydration-related deaths are very rare among marathoners," he said. Dr. William Roberts, former president of the American College of Sports Medicine. "We've seen half a dozen fatalities out of 3-4 million marathoners, so you can't call it a common form. Andrew Schlater, A 27-year-old male died hiponatrйmia because of a pulmonary ring in the middle that he did without medical supervision - told his father, Frank Schlater. His parents realized that their children's fewer days consumed more water than usual. Andrew seemed to be okay, so he didn't respond to his parents' request to stop drinking too much water. One July morning, Frank found his son sipping water in the kitchen. This time Andrew had fallen into a frantic fall. He was called to the rescue immediately, but died due to a slight loss of urine. The high intake and sodium in marathon races reduce the risk of hyponatraemia Dr. Robert Glatter, a doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital in Surgh. Roberts and Baggish have two tips for athletes:
- So, when you're thirsty, don't go ahead.
- Calculate your fluid loss before attempting it. Kill yourself naked, go for a run and then kill yourself again. These are the basis for determining the loss and planning the competition.

And what about non-professional athletes? How many fluids does an average person need a day?

There is no one-size-fits-all rule, but the US Institute of Medicine recommends that men need 3 liters a day, while women need 2.2 liters a day.
  • Most children consume too little water
  • It is tricky for a kid to drink more water
  • Be careful not to get it out!