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Longitudinal Effects of Cupcutting

Did you know that the first cesarean section increases the chance of your next baby coming to the world? What is the problem with this procedure? Find out our international outlook!

Under physiological conditions, the buttermilk adheres to only a few millimeters of thickness on the lining wall, providing the fetus with oxygen and nutrients. In this case, the flap ruptured the uterine muscle to its full thickness, preventing the flap from shrinking, causing very severe, life-threatening bleeding.
The first cesarean section is still fast, simple and free of stumps. But this will increase the currency of the repeat cups, and the greater the number of cauliflowers we perform, the greater the value of the events. Cesarean section is on the rise - in 2007, a third of children were born, while recent data have shown a nearly 50% increase in incidence over the past decade.Unfortunately, the first cesarean section is followed by later ones. Vaginal deliveries following cesarean section have been reduced to less than 10 percent in the past ten years. Since 1996, one-third of the hospitals and half of the physicians who had previously experienced vaginal delivery after cesarean delivery did not continue this practice.
The second or more is cupped you lose anatomy - the tissues are scarred, lumpy and in many cases the layers cannot be recognized. Differences between layers and tissues provide great relief to the wounds during surgery, if they are lost, it is much easier to drop injuries on an almost layered scarred abdomen.
According to a 2006 published in Obstetrics and Gynecology folyуiratban article, цsszesнtette 30 thousand pregnant data, csбszбrmetszйsek szбmбnak nцvekedйsйvel szignifikбnsan megnх the szцvхdmйnyek esйlye- the masszнv transzfъziу igйnye the hуlyagsйrьlйsй, linked to lйlegeztetхgйpre szбma and бpolt the intenzнv osztбlyon nхk arбnya. At the same time, the rate of fluttering irregularities is increasing - even with the first cupping at 1: 400, this is the case with the sixth cupping at 1:15.

Unfortunately, cesarean section comes with a number of negatives

"We knew that in the case of my patient, who was preparing for the ninth trimester, we had a lot of risk - and had great experience with wound colleagues - they needed to be interrupted." Dr. Friedman.
"We have a chance only to keep the sick alive if we lose the baby together with the leprosy.
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playback. By the end of the operation, it was all blood, as our patient had lost three times her blood volume, a total of 16 liters, "the nurse continued.
"Life was only saved by massive transfusion - the anesthetists gave 51 whole blood cells (one liter of about one liter) and 76 whole blood platelets. We also took me to the intensive care unit with my stomach open, where we were able to stabilize my condition, and then we finished the operation only the next morning. "
After the first cesarean section, the incubation was a little longer, and he spent a few days more in the patient's hospital. But since the first effects of the first operation were not known until after the ninth cesarean section, it should have been asked if it was worth it.
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