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CHOK: Since the demand is simpler, the demand is higher

Several banks have reported that more claims have been made since they simplified their CSOK claim, and homeowners are no longer excluded.

The CIB Banknбl the Takarйk csoportnбl, Banknбl MKB, OTP Banknбl йs UniCredit Banknбl йrzйkeltйk is the kiss irбnti йrdeklхdйs nцvekedйsйt, miutбn mбrcius 15 tхl a kormбnyrendelet egyszerыbbй йs gyorsabbб had the MKB-igйnylйst.Az nбl nagysбgrendileg tнz szбzalйkkal tцbben йrdeklхdnek the bouquet and OTP added that life is being observed from the second week of April. UniCredit said it had registered several requests for more studies over the past month, and that the number of non-credit claims had also increased. The share of chocolate requests requested before and after March 15 was broadly the same at K&H Bank. And what Raiffeisen Bank said was that the simpler process helped both the customers and the bank. Among the banks that provided their data, OTP Bank Continued Most Charges in Q1, at HUF 7.5 billion - more than 2,000 claims for an average of 3.5 million forints.The Takarék group signed a contract (1.113 units) for the first quarter of the year for a total of 2.44 billion forints.
In January-April, K&H Bank handed over HUF 1.4 billion in cash to 500 clients; each subject received an average of HUF 5.4 million in monetary terms.More Requests Has Been Easier to Get CSOKIn the first quarter, UniCredit Bank continued to provide a whopping HUF 1 billion to nearly 400 people, with an average of $ 2.5 million in support. The amount of the flow from Budapest Bank was 343 million forints, and 148 claims were received on average, amounting to 2.32 million forints. In the case of needing assistance through the financial system, families with one or two children make up the greater part of all needs.Families with one or two children represent the majority the Takarek group (16 + 39 percent), UniCredit (56 percent), Raiffeisen (80 percent) and Budapest Bank. The situation was reversed at CIB Bank, with 47 percent of those seeking support with one or two children in the first quarter, and 53 percent asking for three or more children. 17 percent of those in demand, 12 percent of those in K&H, 7-8 percent of those in Raiffeisen, every eighth in MKB. Tens of millions of forints were withdrawn from OTP in the first quarter, and 11 from Budapest Bank. In the first quarter, in most cases, I needed home support for buying a used home: Businesses accounted for over two-thirds of the OTP, MKB, Takarek and UniCredit real estate properties. However, based on the amount requested, there are quite a few other examples at OTP, where only 30 percent of the support amount is related to the purchase of a used home (37 percent). Used home by Raiffeisen 80 percent support, 55 percent K&H (7 percent new property, 32 apartments), 47 percent from Budapest Bank (15 percent new), 38 percent In the simplest case of a Chocolate Banking Application, you may need to have your personal identity card, your residence card, your tax card, your social security certificate, your financial contract or your certificate of employment, and a certificate. Among the important changes is that families with real estate property can ask for the chocolate. Families returning from a foreign country may also take advantage of the opportunity to prove their foreign employment relationship and undertake to establish a Hungarian employment relationship for a period of 180 days.Related Article: