How long does a hungry man contaminate?

More than 200 viruses can cause colds, and it is not surprising if you have adult symptoms more than once a year.

How Long Does a Patient Infect? (photo: iStock)Dr. Holpert Valeria has been consulted with a pharynx, phonetic, physician of the Phlebologic Center, whether it is advisable to practice home remedies for a cold or to consult a doctor.

Prevention of events

Nйhбny embernйl megbetegedйs esetйn hiбnyoznak characteristic nбthбs tьnetek, mнg mбsoknбl serious akбr antibiotic kezelйst also igйnylх szцvхdmйnyek to develop a megfбzбst kцvetхen. "Nбthбbуl develop akбr the fьlet йs the orrmellйkьregeket йrintх bakteriбlis felьlfertхzхdйs well. The szцvхdmйnyek fхkйnt gyermekeknйl under 6 йv, idхsebbeknйl йs in patients with chronic disease and in smokers. To prevent this, it is important to properly treat the common cold and to know when you need medical attention. "

Common symptoms of frostbite

  • tьsszentйs
  • clogged nose
  • dry throat
  • torokfбjбs
  • kцhцgйs
  • mild loose
  • hoarse voice
  • mild headache

Less frequent symptoms

  • izomfбjdalom
  • hidegrбzбs
  • szemvцrцssйg
  • gyengesйg
  • йtvбgycsцkkentйs
  • extreme exhaustion

The treatment of ntha

Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, so it may be unnecessary to take them if they are not due to a bacterial infection. We can help you with symptomatic treatment of the cold:
  • relaxing, lavish fluid consumption
  • anti-throat tablets, nasal spray, pain relief when needed
  • air humidification and inhalation of essential oils can help relieve nasal congestion
  • when used as described in the Patient Information Leaflet, hot beverage powders can also help
  • can help fight the disease by supporting the immune system: For prevention, taking vitamin D and vitamin C, dietary supplements containing zinc.

When to see a doctor?

The nth usually lasts from a week to a dozen days. Some days, it can take up to two weeks for complete healing to take place, but it can also affect your lifestyle, such as sleep, rest and smoking. And a few symptoms may persist for weeks after healing, such as a dry, overgrown, stubborn dry cough. " after seven to ten days, we should definitely investigate! "

How long are you infected?

Symptoms of a cold do not appear immediately after someone has been infected with the virus. This period can be up to 1-3 days. However, during this time, the person can continue to transmit the infection for up to the first day of the disease.It is important that in addition to drip infections - cough, holy and nosebleeds - the virus is infected. Namely, viruses can be viable even within the body, even through a few urns.
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