Many people may be affected by non-celiac gluten sensitivity

Many people may be affected by non-celiac gluten sensitivity

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Several hundred thousand may be affected by non-celiac gluten sensitivity, but celiac testing methods cannot detect the disease.

Many people may be affected by non-celiac gluten sensitivityThat's what he called attention to Dr. Péter FuszekThis is a form of gluten sensitivity that can cause abdominal complaints, but the exact cause and exact course of the condition is known only for the time being by medical science. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) is more than gluten-free, and the population is estimated to be 7-12 percent, which is more than thousands of people. It typically occurs in adults and has been the focus of attention for only the past 10 years. The specific cause and course is still unambiguous. The diagnosis can last for many years, as it cannot be detected by biopsy or serological examination, and the results of the currently available dietary intolerance tests do not have to be very effective. discomfort, sleep disorders, but it does not cause skin, nerve, germ, and business problems. However, there is a significant observation: in the case of NCGS, the patient may notice very marked abdominal symptoms for up to 20 minutes after consuming gluten-containing foods. Péter Fuszek emphasized that in case of regular symptoms consult a specialist. While NCGS is non-cancerous, its symptoms are downright unpleasant, other diseases can also be associated with celiac disease: it can be more common for osteoporosis, thyroid problems, certain cancers, and cancer. gluten side effects, if the diet ceases to have complaints, then the diagnosis of NCGS can be made. A strict diet should only be followed by people who are sensitive to gluten, and no one should be afraid of developing ailments, and because of the absence of cereals, they should be exclusively consumed in foods high in fiber.
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