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Mtszszalka Regional Court

There is an ultramodern hospital wing at the Métasszalka Hospital, but the maternity ward is located in the almost wet area where it is located.

Hot Andrбsnй classmate chief guide us all the way to the classroom, where we learn that mothers can choose between two nursing homes and that natural babies go through this year, Most of the paternal births take place in a state-of-the-art, adjustable combi-bed and ballroom, under discreet circumstances. There is no precondition for fathering, except that the pregnant mother wants to be with her.
"The little ones who come to us can be born in a tranquil environment," says the painter, which, we admit, is a huge advantage over big, busy townhouses.
Loose pain relief is used, but epidural anesthesia is possible, but this need to be anticipated. If the mother wants to have a baby with her all day, she has to fill in a statement, but at night, every baby is required to care for the newborn, baby care. Kokinda Józsefné, according to the newborn class chief financial officer, this is why it is important for the mother to relax during the four days spent at the hospital. The same reason that visitors are really strict, they can only be welcomed in the hallway or in the hall, and they cannot enter the treatment rooms.
also Szьlйsznхvбlasztбsra is lehetхsйg as 6000 forintйrt daily raised the kйt szintы alapнtvбnyi room valamelyikйt also can bбrki igйnybe that kцzьl in one of the pleasant napsьtцtte szнneknek the sajбt zuhanyzуnak йs pelenkбzуasztalnak kцszцnhetхen warmly йrezheti magбt the ъjdonsьlt mother during the nйgy kуrhбzi day.
- I think it is important to have a baby in a place as small as possible away from the family home - he says dr. Telkes Laszlo trusted head of department, in a direct style that reassures my mother-in-law of the baby in an instant. - The hospital has seventy-eighty thousand patients, with 700 to 750 births a year. It is a great advantage that the majority of the doctors working here have a proper routine because of their familiarity with the people living here, that is, there is a more direct relationship between the doctor and the patient than in a big city hospital. Special care in need of special care and prenatal care is usually thirty years in Nyerregyhaz or Debrecen.
The tovбbbi kуrhбzban бtalakнtбsok vбrhatуk. Doctor Telkes hopes that there will be improvement in the area of ​​patient care at least, but it would be ideal if the working conditions of the workers are improved.

The one-day-old mother of Botond Habarics reported that she was happy to have a baby, because she could have had her first child,

Facts, figures
The szьlйsek szбma: 700-750 йvente
The csбszбrmetszйsek arбnya: 22-24 szбzalйk
It is obligatory for a surgical procedure, but it is also urged for the baby's health.
The first incision, premature birth, and pelvic floor surgery are almost always performed.
Szьlйsznхvбlasztбsra is lehetхsйg.
There are two basic, advanced level gyms available for $ 6,000 / day.
You can choose between a traditional butter room and a paternal parent room.
A cesarean delivery father can't be inside.