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Has the Swedish model become trendy?

Can a father save his masculinity if he likes to have two doubts in the kitchen? Increasingly, it becomes natural for the "classic" male roles to loosen up, shift borders or keep moving.

Major Stephen

István Majoros is the father of a family and family therapist with five children. He says that even after the fifth one, it is very difficult to answer the question of when and what a man deserves to be a father and how well he will have a relationship with his children.
At the same time, the extent to which you are involved in childcare and upbringing depends on your intentions. The question is whether you want to take part in all this, even if you are actively taking part in the work and tasks of the household and the child.
According to experts, if you have a commitment in a relationship - not the wedding, but a deep and unmistakable bond - there is something to do with the family. The father has to find his place, his role, but if that happens, then the tasks and the hardships seem more natural.
Of course, this does not mean that men invent women's thoughts for their own sake, but if there are well-laid frameworks and rules, then the tasks they carry out will be without any special problems. It's worth discussing a lot about these queries and laying down the basics. You can toss a task in a hat and divide them between each other.
It is possible for a man to succeed in preparing a good broth, and once a week to remove the burden of cooking from the mother's shoulder.
If in a relationship it is common ground that the household is the responsibility of the woman and this division is well-suited to both, then there is no problem. They are very sensitive individual decisions, and only two members of a given partnership can decide what is optimal for them. But it's worthwhile to renegotiate these co-operation frameworks from time to time and, if necessary, reshape them flexibly.
"If one has to grasp what the father's role in the family is, then I would mention security. There is a need for a couple who can run, and support. In both economic and financial terms, this is not an easy task. . "

Gergely Kéthelyi and Emese Katona, Louis and Berta

I'm a permissive conservative!

Gergely Kéthelyi and Emese Katona
Little kids: Lujzi 2.5 yrs, Berta 6 hrs

Gergh's many years work from home, so the baby girl has been actively involved in the housework. His main field is cooking, but he confessed that it was only designed to "not die of hunger".
- When I met Emesey, neither of us could cook, and I started to get a little involved. Inspired and reassured by my creative side, I still recipe recipes, but I still don't feel that my male side is crazy. As I work from home, unfortunately this activity sometimes causes me to do a bit of homework. I don't like it so much, but I have no problem with it. I have a well-established system in the kitchen, I usually plan ahead with the clients and do the purchasing as well. I admit that working with two little ones is not very easy at home, and sometimes I use the kitchen where I can go, but there is no conflict between the two of us with Emese.
I do many other tasks at home, not to say singing, but generally the gold ring does not fall off my finger. The Swedish model is sympathetic to the fact that the father can try himself in child-rearing, as the system is designed to allow the father to spend a lot of time at home. After all, I would not do anything to stay home, because I think the child "kept alive" the mother's job, so she "invented" nature. I dare not take this responsibility.
With my girls, I feel good about my relationship. I'm not saying that this is an idyllic position in every respect, it wouldn't bother me if I had to work in an office, it would have its benefits. I've even submitted my biography a couple of times. At the same time, with the arrival of my second sister, I was wondering how much more I would bear if my little sister were to lose me a little and double my system with the arrival of my second sister.

Your baby's gonna look at women!

Péter Ravadics and Katalin Ravadics
Son: Beck and Gerg

An interview with Peter Ravadic took an interesting turn at the end of the visit. We talked for a long time about bedtime, cooking, washing, racking, and when Peti left the interview at the end of the interview, he shared with me some confidential information.

Ravadics Peter and Katalin, Bkos and Gerg

"I couldn't have told you before Kata," Peter says softly, "but I am organizing it for Mother's Day, so surprisingly so many months ago." Dylan's friends come over and they think they will return them to their son's for lunch on Mother's Day. But they will be surprised because we will come to a limousine that will take them to a beauty salon and from there to our favorite place to go with our old town, where we will go on to a little wellness hotel to grow up together.
That was all I decided when I saw Cat during the birth. Then something turned into me. True, I was just in trouble because unfortunately I didn't bother to take the "serious" part, but from that moment on I would see every mother and her child's tasks and work.
After this confession, it is not surprising at all that in the interview, Kati Peti and Kata speak naturally about the family division of labor. The first major help was that Peti switched to a large number of nights, she wished she could breastfeed her first and later second-born babies - and she had much more energy to spend.
- I'm not saying I wasn't tired, but it wasn't dry. The little one wakes up only once, it can spill, says Peter. - We usually divide our housekeeping while one of us fixes one place, the other takes care of the boys, or vice versa. We're not making this a problem.
Although they agree that Kat must ask for it, it does not cause distress or distraction. - Changing diapers is not a terrible operation, although it is a more serious accident if Kata helps, but if there is a "situation" I can deal with it. I do not feel that my malfunctioning is to blame for this role, Peter says. - I'm a car mechanic, my older son loves to come to the shop with me, brings his little toolbox home, puts on my breast and enthusiastically installs it.
When it turned out that their older son was very afraid of the car, he found a real life car game. They did a lot of playing with it, and since then dad doesn't cry about it, says daddy proudly.

What do the superpowers do for all this?

"As we talked about the interview, now I see just how good this is for you and how much help I get," says Gergh's wife, Emese. - Of course, there are difficulties with the compatibility, but this system has worked well for us. I basically believe in women's and men's roles, but I also find that in everyday life, these can be avoided. But it is also important that the fundamentals remain, as they provide confidence ...
"I didn't choose Petit by accident," Kata says. - It's a big help to me that he's so good at these things.
"The roles are now shifted, they are moving," says István Majoros. This is not good or bad, but simply as it once was. We cannot foresee the consequences for the time being, and therefore, according to our expectation, we accept the changes, form the relationship, form it, we cannot really do anything else.
If a couple is well-grounded and talks a lot about these things - which is difficult because people basically want to avoid conflicts, and these things have the potential to be inside themselves - you can probably find them.

What is a Swedish Model?

In 1974, the first parent support system in the world was introduced in Sweden, which meant that all parents could stay home with the child on equal terms. The point of the regulation is that parents can share the paid parental leave period available to each other. If one does not take advantage of this, he can "hand over" the other parent. By 1995, most of the fathers had done so, but by then they had introduced a month-long paid leave, which the dad couldn't afford. As a result, after 1995, the father's 77 percent stayed home for at least one month in the child's first year.