Run mountain-by-mountain Bt!

On Sunday, the sixth of the fall is the Autumn Forest and a bunch of runners, letting them lure themselves outside to caress the sunshine, sweeping the fresh air. You can move all your carts at a pace and in the distance that is best for you!

Photo: BSI

Don't miss it: Decide for yourself and get started on Sunday, November 6th! If you have already made yourself good in the race, your place at the Budapest Sports Office's big autumn cross country race! There is nothing better about it, as far as running a run is concerned. The terrain is a varied challenge for leg muscles, the hills do a good job of getting you back on the slimmer sections, and the boredom is largely avoided!
The levels are so comfortable that you can walk the fastest to walk the longest, but also carry the shortest while carrying the kid on your back. The performance is pretty good, except for some weight training! And the autumn forest is the most beautiful! You won't even look at the kilometers, the fatigue in your foot, because the color of the leaves leaves a splendid variety. The feet run on soft cushions - such as fallen leaves. And the distance guides you to the finest spots in the Pilis Feet all the way, so it's easy to get used to it, and from now on, you'll always be here to go, wherever you can.
There is an eight-minute walk on the site from the HendV Star Mountains in Szentendre.
You can choose between different distances:
length: 29.36 kilometers
Road: 18.33 kilometers
short distance: 10.1 kilometers
Those who arrive at the destination will receive a badge and diploma, and you can place it at home between the truffles. Bring the whole family, including grandparents, with the little ones, while on the shortest route, while you run the longest route with your boyfriend or your father.
In the middle you can see the most beautiful and interesting points in the neighborhood: the Castle of the Camel, the Kôn Mountains, the Macku Cave. From the Ezüst-Kevély side you have a beautiful view of Pilisborosjenõ and the Eger Castle, where you can also see medieval knights' shows.
The map of the tour is also the 3rd round of BSI Terrain.
You can find more information, maps, exact directions here: www.futanet.com