We have proven that we look better with babies

All over the world, we are looking at how to reduce the number of interventions and cesarean delivery. A recent study confirms that if you take care of your baby and help your baby, the number of interventions is significantly reduced.

I saw a post from America on Facebook: Why do Parents Become 32.6% Cesarean? Because we call birth control to people who can operate.Recent exams confirm Facebook. The largest study to date has analyzed 2,300 women who have needed baby support - that is, they have been in a relationship that is already pregnant, the baby has been tested by the baby, and the child has been helped. The results of the study showed that, on average, interventions were less common when the baby asked for birth, less pain relief, and fewer cesarean delivery. It was found to be 22 percent lower than the rate of conceivable pregnancies compared to similarly low-risk pregnancies, according to a study by Comparing Standard Maternity Care with One-to-One Midwifery Support in Austria.

We have proven that we look better with babies

Significant reductions in barrier incisions and epidural anesthesia have also been observed. Mother-in-law who spent time with the baby spent less time in the hospital than those who gave birth to medical help. Babies born with babies were healthier, less needing special care.

This may reduce the wingspan

- The proportion of cuttings has doubled in the last two decades - says the author of the study, Helen MacLachlan, a fellow at La Trobe University. - There is great concern around the world. The proportion of cesarean sections is the highest in developed countries.Cesarean section is not an equal alternative to vaginal delivery. The risk of infections, the number of days of hospital care, and the number of babies born with planned sectional surgery are more likely to cause asthma, at week 36. Of course, if you have a complication, you will often see your doctor several times.

What about home?

The Budapest Jahn Ferenc Khorhazz reveals that baby birth has been introduced several years ago for low-risk pregnancies. The family can decide to have a baby with them during the birth, and the doctor only shows up when there is a problem. Some institutions have independent puppies in the contract, so the puppy will deliver the baby if the mother so requires, but a doctor must be present. The third is home birth: the baby is pregnant from childbirth to childhood days.The original article can be read here.
- Why is there so much cesarean section?
- Nobel prize winner of the home-born puppy