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The system of family pellets may change

The system of family pellets may change

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The family dating system may change as of January 2012.

According to family, family members may not be able to raise families with all children in the future until the child reaches the age of 18 or undergoes pre-school education. The A new idea the child should mark the age limit of the family of 3-5 at the age of 3-5. The family would only continue to receive this benefit if another sibling was born. The reason for this is the feltйtelezйs to a kйtkeresхs csalбd kьlцnцsebb megrбzkуdtatбs nйlkьl it can keep kйt gyereket.Az New Account alaptцrvйny kiegйszнtйsekйnt megalkotandу the csalбdьgyek szabбlyozбsбt цsszefoglalу - ъgynevezett - cardinal tцrvйnyben hangsъlyoznбk the father szerepйt, ebbхl kifolyуlag megvбltoztatnбk children utбn jбrу pуtszabadsбgok elosztбsбt well. Instead of being pregnant, the term "expectancy" would be included in the new law, and the name of the pregnancy-childbirth (s) would change, all the more so because this benefit cannot be considered as aid. The new law will become law in January 2012.