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I hold my weight!

The baby's weekly, winter diet is coming to an end. How next? What can you do to stay on track?

If you started out with five outliers, you might not have achieved the ideal weight you want, but enriched with a little experience, got to know new ingredients, got into a different kind of way. If you are like him, you have nothing else to do! Even though you can switch between meals for a while, you can search, figure out similarities, the point is not to change the principles and quantities anymore. It is possible that the fogyбs, but you can continue at the same pace every week for one kilo, assuming that you continue to live an active life and that some form of sport should continue to be part of your daily routine.
When can I eat more?
If you are just where you wanted to go now, you are well on your way to staying on top of the diet and staying for a while in small portions. You can eat more if you increase your daily exercise intensity for any length of time. You do, however, do well to avoid traps that repeat the "I eat too much and not what I should" spiral.
Don't miss out!
The secret of not wanting to swallow huge portions is to stop starving yourself too much, so try to avoid extreme fluctuations in your blood sugar. For example, always have one apple, diet, almond, high-fiber loaf of bread or a subscriber in your bowl so that if you program to skip a meal, you will have something to eat. So, for example, you don't need to run a wolf lightly on your luggage. If you're working hard, always plan your meals so that you can take three meals of food, lunch, dinner and snacks to your workplace full-time.
Camping, holidays, wellness holidays
If you have such a good thing that you can cook for a while, you can't decide what to put on the page. But maybe you can think ahead and choose the location, the hotel, and notice how healthy the food is. Buffet meals are always something you can eat with peace of mind, a salad bar is almost everywhere, and raw fruit is also part of the basic supply. What's more of a problem is the high-fiber, full-grain mite. That is why it is easiest to carry one with you, because you do not have to do a lot, you are always helped by two or three slices a day. Pre-made salad dressings usually contain a lot of excess fattening ingredients, so it is better to disassemble with either natural yoghurt or lemon-oil mixers. Unfortunately, tricks are a big deal every time. Unless you have a special diet in a rarefied hotel or lifestyle, you can count on just a few sugary, traditional sweets. If you have just one or two such occasions, you can safely eat a smaller portion, but beware, it's easiest to get used to it! If you succeed in supplementing your rest with more and more varied sports, you will not expect to gain from it, but it does not matter if you practice self-restraint and really stay on top of it. You can tell the people that you don't like healthy desserts from the voters, but you can make a difference in this field over time.
Keep your mental balance!
First of all, keep in mind what are the things that will come out of the thread again and again. Find strategies to avoid these situations. If you do not go alone, ask for help from your friend, your friend, your parents - that is, those who are well known to you, or you may get more useful ideas from wild strangers in any online forum. You can also seek counseling from a psychologist.
Secondly, experience first what is calming, relaxing, comforting when you have too much stress in your life, or you are very desperate or just having a bad day. Well, if you have more than one of these things in mind, don't even think about looking for a little bit more happiness. Here is a few examples that can restore your spirit:
- Look beyond your boundaries: look for opportunities to help someone, surprise someone with something nice, find your couple, make friends.
- Try to spend as much time in nature as possible, and pay close attention to your surroundings. Thousands of small wonders to be attentive to!
- Change your viewpoint! Consider the situation from a different perspective. Look for something good, try your own behavior, think about what you can do to avoid these traps!
- Listen to your favorite music and discover new and new stories!
- Read your favorite book or something you need to think about!
- Go for a run, calm down in the middle, and you can sort out your thoughts. Maybe something new comes to mind!
- If you can, sleep well!
- Try something new: A new program with your baby, a new kind of exercise, a course you are already keen on.
- Change yourself: A new hairstyle, a different style of dress. You can make a bet with yourself: who will notice first?