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He gave the ovis a venomous poison

A Chinese owen was arrested, who allegedly poisoned 23 owls with nitrite.

Parents of children who went to kindergarten reported more often that their children had been hospitalized due to vomiting and syndrome. A parent said that one of the kindergarten workers had reported by telephone that her child had lost her bed and then lost her mind after having had breakfast in the kindergarten on Wednesday morning. He added that when he went to the hospital, his child was still unconscious, moreover, the children being brought to the hospital with him were constantly lying and they were all very pale.He gave the schoolchildren poisoned
Another parent has reportedly been diagnosed with nitrite poisoning and gastric lavage. The children treated with the toxic symptoms were all in the same group. They said they had been asked for breakfast that day, which was supposed to be sweet, but instead they had a good taste.
Preliminary police examinations have found that caring for the group put ovine nitrite into the children's food, but the cause of the act is unknown at this time. The affected pupils could still leave the church until Monday.
The case was also echoed by the fact that children have become the subject of much controversy in Kenya. In March, the meals in the kitchen of a primary school in the southwestern Sichuan province, Chengdu, were replaced by common mildew. Many parents across the country have made online shots of the poor quality food they receive at school, and then demanded online petitions to improve the quality of school entertainment.
Following the scandal, the Chinese Ministry of Education, the governmental body responsible for regulating the market, and the National Health Commission issued a common rule that schools should be protected. The regulation becomes effective on April 4th.Related articles in the review topic:
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