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This is the problem with the control of varicella vaccine

It is obligatory and free of vaccine against tetanus, but the application dates are not agreed by the profession and have not been asked by the government.

This is the problem with the control of varicella vaccineInterview with Hungarian Orange in the latest issue Poet with Gyorgy, chairing the Home Pediatricians Association. The page asked Gyula Gyorgy Pytta about vaccination against varicella, a bend in the neighboring countries, and the vaccine. The interview is in print in Orange, an online edition detailing the unhealthy profession of vaccine against varicella.
In an interview, Poet says that the profession wanted to have a vaccine against varicella, and they struggled for years to get it. They are now very much afraid that September will be free and obligatory, but they do not understand why they have received a new date when there is no professional justification for that. " to be inserted, that is, to be administered at the same time as the required vaccines, we do not really understand why the regulation that is being announced is going to break this. Long years since we have been vaccinated against varicella, the first vaccination is given at 15 months, the second at 18 months. this setting is very destructive and we do not know who and where you "- said Putta to Orange. About the domestic vaccine system Gyorgy Putta said that she is truly exemplary at world level. "The Hungarian vaccine system is still a system left to us by socialism, which is that everyone has access to the most important protections for free, and their submission is subject to maximum control, so no one is allowed to see where they are now. In places where health care is not bad at all, and here I am not thinking of Ukraine, but of Italy or the United States, I read the sea We let him out because the bend appeared among the passengers. It turned out later that there were Scientologists on board who were anti-vaccine records. "The full interview is in the latest Hungarian Orange.
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