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Come on in! Coach helped!

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New opportunity on the sides of the baby room. Our experts are looking forward to your inquiries about work, parenting, breastfeeding, sports. The first Anikou coach left in our forum room.

What should a mom who has two children at home do and leave her work? What kind of work do you want to do and what types of telework can you do?

Anj Anikу

Anikou Ъj, a strategic partner at Business Coach Kft., Believes that telecommuting is usually the type of activity that has the most efficient results, and that the execution of the task can be divided with relative flexibility. Examples include data processing, analysis, report generation, translation, application or study, and the like. In my opinion, it is not possible to successfully perform tasks that require immediate response, poor planning, such as hot droppy customer service.
Another recurring request is how the mother of a young child should look for her.
The coach recommended the sports and the circles of movement.
- According to a recent survey, at least 40 percent of vacancies are not publicly advertised by companies - says New Anikou - but either from internal sources or from internal advertising only. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile for your friends, relatives, close and long-term acquaintances to be in search of a job, and to think of any opportunity to meet - Anik said.
Biography is a pivotal point for all strangers. But should the child be included in the curriculum vitae?
The coach suggests that the years spent at home should be reflected in the biography in such a way that it does not appear to be an act of idleness, but rather a reflection of what new abilities we have acquired. For example, organizational skills, time management (this is always a must when working with a child, even if you only have a casual job).
Mothers with small children have a permanent problem that they have to miss a lot because of the child's illness. This causes numerous conflicts in the workplace. For example, one of the defendants was dismissed because of the fact that the company was getting more and more serious jobs and his salary was falling. As the child becomes more and more affectionate for strap, the mother can no longer break out of the "harmless labor" box.
"With the changing and becoming of children, many moms realize that they are releasing energies that they would love to work on," says Anik. - Follow the realization: Stand in front of your boss and tell me what the situation is! You can't figure out your thoughts, your desires by yourself, so be an assistant: be clear about how you see your current position at the company, what you want to change, and what new challenges you are looking for. Most bosses want their subordinates to take on more responsibilities and responsibilities, as they can relieve them of their responsibilities. If your current boss has stuck with you, you may want to consider switching to a larger company, or looking for another one.