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7 things you can say no this time

New year, new momentum, New Year's resolutions. Put your hand to your heart and tell me honestly that it would not be good for you to cuddle with your child or to romance at eleven in the evening. Here are seven things you can bet on.

If you've run into quotes on the Internet - and let's face it, there's a good chance you've read that saying no is more important than yes. Even if it's harder. But if you say no to the non-essential, you can pay more attention to the really important.


If your child is already big, it's time to do this activity alone. The few extra minutes you can win can be spent on more useful things.Say no to this time!


Since you know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, you carefully make sure your kids have breakfast every morning. But what about you? Instead of rubbing your cuckoo socks on something they can do, you should have a decent breakfast.


If you keep battling the boundaries and checking your emails every minute, when will your child go to bed again, or when the next event will happen, you will lose valuable time. This is a habit that causes anxiety and misses the really important moments.

Don't shoot it

If your couple is just coming home to inquire about what's new, don't be overwhelmed by the fact that you don't care because health is more important. Even if you don't say anything interesting, the clothes are worth it.

After 11 it is impossible

If you are afraid of your couple, you will almost always want them when you are just about to breathe or just fall into the air. Respect your limits and try a little more humane.

This evening was dinner

It's easy to run into the mistake of having kids go out to dinner, clean up, and sleep, and you can only start cooking or ordering some food after nine. Especially if you die at your heart when you hear it.

The bath is mine

How come you want to go to the kids every time you are in the bath and get out there saying that it's their private sphere, but when you are there you don't seem to have locked the door? It doesn't have to be like that, change it (- VIA -)