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Two more children died in a bend in Romania

Two more children died in a bend in Romania

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Two more children died in bends in Romania, bringing the number of fatalities due to FMD to forty in the country.

Two more children died in a bend in RomaniaBoth victims were Baku County (Bacau): 8 were in the other and 10 in the other, and because of his former age he was not able to receive the first immunity against a bend.In Rome, the number of confirmed newborns increased by 11 thousand. Of the 123 newer cases reported per week, 43 are in Prahova and 28 are in Baku County. szбznбl tцbb fertхzйsrхl йs ъjabb halбlos бldozatrуl kцzцlnek data.The Bucharest kormбny javнtott so far akadozу vakcinaellбtбson, йs mйg last year, made a tцrvйnytervezetet elй parliament, which wants to rбvenni any ellenkezх szьlхket йs continuous tanбcsadбssal kьlцnbцzх megszorнtбsokkal not to tagadjбk the most important hйt The Chamber of the Romanian Parliament voted almost unanimously last October to draft the vaccine law, but it has not always been on the agenda in the House of Representatives. In Romania, there is still a lively debate about the need for vaccines. According to Health Minister Sorina Pintea, about seven thousand parents still refuse to have their children vaccinated every month.Related articles in bends:
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