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10 characteristics of your school

If the family has decided to make some kind of commendation to kindergarten graduation, the school is a practical choice.

10 characteristics of your schoolBut what to look out for if you want a good, durable piece that will give you a good chance of winning it?

What to look out for when recommending school for ovis graduation?

Kids decide on other considerations when it comes to their school. At first glance, you may fall in love with a bag because it's your favorite fairy tale, but the parent is different - more practical, more durable, more spinal "You want a piece," he says Szilvia Licsбr educator, expert of the Jtlkliget. In addition to its attractive external features, other aspects are clearly worth considering.

Take care of your back

The weight of daily school supplies can be up to several kilograms, no matter how this weight is distributed across the child's back. The ergonomic schoolbooks Because of the development of the spine and shoulders with less stress on children, these types of sponges also become lighter.

Easy to clean

It is a poorly sealed snack box, but even in everyday use, the bag can be cleaned frequently. In this case, it is useful if the material is easy to clean, even with a sponge, or it can be tossed into the washing machine if needed.

Youll articulate

Little beginners need to learn which urn is needed for which book or booklet. To make it easier, it can help if your spleen keeps its shape, well articulated, has more parts, distinguished by these zippers, you can fasten your students with a rubber solution. If you pack everything in one big piece, books and booklets get mixed up throughout the day, and they may collapse.

There's room for the keys, too

Keys or other small items - apron, radar, sharpener, if not in the pen case - also useful if you have one small pocket inside the bag. Keys are secured with a keychain strap or buckle to attach them to the pin.

Do not sweat

Warm Autumn and Spring and School Days Can Be Good for School Backyard of breathable material prepared, completed with death. Due to better ventilation, the child's sweat is less sweaty, which will be essential if you wear it for a longer period of time, coming home from school alone on foot.

Strap on zippers

The sudden movements of the hasty children and the contents of the well-packed, but poorly arranged, schoolchildren are putting the zippers in a great force. If you are wearing school supplies, consider warming up with a stroke in the morning with an autumn / spring coat worn in the morning, or having to dress more than usual because of festive dresses or gymnastics. The poor quality zipper is giving up here, and the child is coming home with a lost pouch.

Waterproof, reflective

Tiny but very helpful for safe transportation, a useful addition to light reflective horn on the back of school, on the side, or on the shoulder. If the material of the bag is made of non-woven material, then books and booklets can easily pass through the bag. Flabby, blurred pages can cause a lot of annoyance. This is a good idea to choose a bag made of waterproof material, or one that can have a special cover that helps keep your equipment dry in the rain.

Soft pick

Have you ever tried to include the same choice in winter coat or in a summer top? Do you feel the difference? Just as a child feels a small, uninspired pen press the shoulder. Whether your favorite football team or your most beautiful princess, padded and adjustable shoulder pads you will not wear your ruthless feathers without you.


Much of the inconvenience causes our child and ourselves to choose a bag that has a bottle holder on the outside. It is a poorly sealed bottle, and the contents of the glass overwrite the books and pamphlets in the bag. However, if all this is done with an external, pocket-sized wrench, you may just need to wash and dry the outside of the bag.

Scattered for kids

Although the weight increases, it may be practical to choose a bag for which a a smaller one can be zipped to the front. Exercise equipment or exercise equipment can also be accommodated in the smaller gym so you can't forget the extra gym bag on the gym or on the bus.Related articles about school:
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