Pregnancy fatigue: how long and how can I be remedied?

If you are expecting a baby, it is perfectly normal for you to feel so exhausted sometimes that you do not even have the strength to think. Particularly characteristic of this early pregnancy. Here are some tips to help you ease your discomfort!

Pregnancy fatigue: how long and how can I be remedied?

What Causes Fatigue During Pregnancy?

Nobody knows exactly, but you have to believe that at least some of the hormonal changes (such as the drastic increase in progesterone levels) can be blamed for it. In addition, pregnancy causes discomfort such as hip and frequent urinary incontinence, which can make nighttime rest more difficult. The nausea, even at the level of the vomiting, also energizes you, but also if you are often nervous about the trouble-free outcome of loss of weight. Although your doctor and nurse will check your values, if it is present at a moderate level, you may not be able to detect it. Depression can also cause you to feel tired or sad, your daily tasks, even your negative thoughts, drive you to the point of being able to hurt yourself, without necessarily seeking medical help!

How long will I be so exhausted?

This is completely the same, but generally the situation should improve from the second trimester. You will be more energetic until the 7th month, when you will be overwhelmed by fatigue due to the excess weight. Towards the end of pregnancy, low back, stomach, restless legs syndrome and maternal concerns also contribute to the difficulty of falling asleep or waking up several times.

What can I do about it?

At ease!
Listen to your body and sleep more than usual! Lie down sooner, and if you can, you can sleep in the sun for a while. Even a 15-minute nap can mean a lot in those times. During your vacation, you may want to incorporate a blink of an eye into your day.Make your life easier!
Do not want to live in the Irish business now or permanently care for your home. You can also ask for a home office if you feel like it will make your everyday life easier! Either take a few days off your saber, or if you are extra tired, or you don't feel well, going to a hospital for 1-2 days is not a tragedy. If you have a baby, ask for help so you can have some time and relax!All right!
Most toddlers do not need extra calories in the first trimester. However, in the second you can increase your daily calorie intake by 340 and in the third by 450 calories. (If your weight is lower or higher than normal, ask for advice!) If you are taking a large portion of your greens, fruits, whole grains, lean milk, and more milk, you can help. In contrast, fast food rugs are guaranteed to have energy robbing and zero power. Snack on fruit and yogurt instead of sugary treats!Try enough!
Limit your caffeine intake and make sure you consume enough water in the sun! If you often wake up at night because you have to go to the bathroom, do not drink a couple of hours before going to bed. You might want to try taking the recommended amount of liquid in the early hours.Exercise regularly!
You may feel that having a day out is challenging, not to mention having to do sports. However, if you're defending robin, you'll definitely have time to move. Just 20-30 minutes a day of exercise (eg walking) can help improve your health. Now, stop several times a day, do whatever you do, put in some stretching, stretching, and breathe in between.Hold on!
You blink two and you're on your way to the second trimester as you become much more energetic, so hold on! You may also want to go to a late night concert or go for a couple of days. If you are over the end of your pregnancy, try to relax as much as you can because you will soon be holding the baby you are wearing (via articles about pregnancy fatigue:
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