So customize the baby and the dog

If you are a doggie and come home with the baby from the church, this may be a stressful meeting for this dog. If you haven't had a baby near you, this means a lot of new sight, smell, and other changes in life.

How do you customize your baby and dog? Fortunately, you can make this meeting work best for both your baby and your dog, laying the groundwork that will strengthen you further.

First is health

Before the baby arrives, the most important thing to do is to remove the dog for all veterinary screening. Tell the vet you will soon a baby comes to the house, And ask them to examine the puppy with these eyes to make sure you have no health problems. So you can rest assured that your baby will not be in danger because of the dog. Ebony flea and haircut is also important, before the new little one arrives!

Think it over

Regardless of whether your dog is well trained or not yet familiar with command words, it is a good idea to polish your knowledge before the baby arrives. The two most important command when a baby arrives is a Let! It's not allowed! And a Stay !. First of all, it is important that you can give birth to your dog so that you do not get stuffed with your baby's toys. Since most dogs are jumping at large, the Stay! is also a very useful command to you don't want to jump on the baby when he sees the baby and becomes enthusiastic about it. This will prove to be useful even if your baby is learning to go. In your corner! it's also worth teaching him how to so send it up to raise your voice: so the baby won't wake up.

Introduce the baby's belongings

It's important to keep your baby's stuff - especially the bigger ones like the baby, the stroller, etc. - before the dog gets to know that the little one is coming. It's going to be a big change for him to have a new man move into the house, If you do not want your dog to enter areas where your dog cannot enter - for example, your small room - then you will need to install dog doors for these areas. Do this well before your baby is born, so that one can get used to what the forbidden zone is.

Give yourself time to introduce yourself

When you take the baby home from the church, it's a good idea to leave the time for the dog to meet, not to hurry up. Since a pregnant mother is in the house at this time, it is not only the baby, so it is worth first of all welcoming the dog without the baby jumping out at you. The best tactic at this point is to have the dad bring the baby into the apartment. If your dog is extremely hyperactive, it is worth taking care of him before he gets tired. Then sit down with the baby, keeping the baby as safe as possible. Allow the puppy to smell the little one, get to know the new scents. Never put the baby close to your nose, let it sniff it at your own pace, in your own way. Make sure that the dog is paying attention to the fact that if you need to give birth, take your instructions. So he will learn better, what you can do with the baby to behave in the near.Do not force anything at the first meeting or later: leave the dog and the baby the opportunity to meet at their own pace. If the situation is not best suited for dating, you may want to send the dog or bring the baby to a safe place.

Never leave them alone

Even if they are friends, it is better not to leave the dog and the baby unattended. You should always be in one place when both are there, and if the baby is sleeping alone in the baby, then take the dog with you wherever you are. If your dog is resting or playing in his own place, make sure your baby is safely away from him.

Know your animal

Dogs also have a special password to alert them to their condition. If you are stressed, nervous, you are probably barking or running, but the tension in the back, the lowered tail and the back is also indicative of tension. Get to know your dog's body talker in time for tension in a situation where your baby is present.

Do not scold the dog and the specialist for time

In the first few weeks, it is very important that you do not scold the dog if you are doing something wrong - in this case you should move the baby from a safe place. If you keep screaming at the little one, you can take it with a bad name and it won't go the way you would expect it to.You will be just as important to your dog after your baby is born, so try to spend time with him. Because you have a regular routine, you should only gradually introduce new things - such as shorter breaks for baby activities. If your dog loves those who come to patronage, then ask those who come to the baby room to welcome the animal first, and then puppy do not want to attract your attention when the little one is there.

Don't let your baby play with your dog's toys

On the one hand, dog toys can be full of bugs that your baby doesn't need, and on the other hand, if you let them pick you up, the new family member won't be able to leave. The same goes for other things on the dog, the bed, the feeding board and the like this is what you'll need to keep in mind most of the time when the beans are in the wrap-up phase. (VIA)Related links: