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Do you have any Advent calendar?

If not, here's some ideas for the newcomers and those who are staring at the coming Christmas just because they've decided not to miss it in the future.

If you do this stuff every year, it's already public, you need to open up, close, and unlock the twenty-one-piece timing and record structure that will help you somehow Happy holidays backlit days, and in which, when done wisely, every blessed day shines with the glow and warmth of Christmas.

An ingenious and advent advent calendar

A few weeks ago, I was looking for ideas on how to do a little more thinking this time, New solutions elхrukkolni. Because there are many who love to craft, create and surprise their loved ones with something that is unique, unforgettable and unforgettable.The first thing that caught my eye was this sock calendar. Showy, colorful, fresh, no sewing, only tweezers twine and everything works, what you need: message, wisdom, poin, chocolate, small toys, pebbles, jewels, amulet, pots, garlic, photo. What did I miss? The huge bag in the laundry room, full of crazy, pompous socks, woke up in front of my spiritual eyes. Because when I was out in the middle of the room, I had to find that cute, And between men. I was still thinking that maybe I could toss these with some lace, a colored, sewn pattern, but it's curious to look, and as soon as I got to the point that it was possible to solve it. Pinterest you can boast more of the ideas in the right! Packaging (in bags, boxes, yogurt glasses, boxes, jars, tins, pouches, pockets, bags) is the solution for anyone who wants something that is just fine for this reason

Simple and elegant


Rather, the thought should soar

You might be tired of the trivia, the tiny, jumbled wackets, and more messages, quotes, poetic tasks, lovely photos, sketches you like to bombard your loved ones. Nothing to stop! In this case, you can choose labor-intensive, very unique and decorative solutions, but in fact, small color covers they look very good worrying about sticking juices side by side. We are also very impressed with the big guys finding messages in their pack on different days: Surprise your brother with something! Is it just a scare for one release, or is there some kindness coming out of it?

You can buy a box of delicious dessert or praline, and put it on the Advent calendar with sugar décor.

Minimalist ideas

I found this very simple but realistic calendar on a blog for an Italian teacher, but the only thing that we do is do a daily dip every day, and so we get to the end. After all, that is all the bloodshed And to make the time pass somehow tangible to the little ones.

Raw material solution for cubes

Netfьggх for teens and other family members, you can create an Advent online with a free download program that you can toss with your own photos, sayings and messages.

You can also get a hairy family member

The essence of the Advent calendar is that you bombard it with a series of surprises, the ones you love. If you are full of thought and suggestion, you can make a dog or a cat. The only problem he has is: your favorite at home will soon catch on, love it, and may not understand that it is just a Christmas treat. Or you have to come up with something else afterwards.

Would you rather buy something permanent?

There are Advent calendars for toddlers, Barbie, genius puns and Playmobil enthusiasts, and worth looking for your favorite brand. Elхnyethat the games that escape from the windows of the calendar are not just for a few days, but are already part and parcel of supplies that serve many children. Even the little ones remember it, years later: You know, this was a horse in Advent!


You can also choose a middle solution: you buy any or all of the sets, then divide them into two pieces and pack them one by one, and then make a calendar using one of the fun or kid methods.


As I was browsing through the better ideas from the right and searching and researching the net, it soon appeared that all ideas had a mother. Not only do women make this for their children, but they also love to pair, who will love her, write to her, and get excited about what's coming in tomorrow's dose. But I haven't found any that men have made for their heartbreaker or their children without the time and mental capacity! Or does anyone know that? Find out for us! If no one comes forward, we will be reluctant to proclaim that making the Advent calendar is truly a female genre.They may also be interested in:
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